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TK-Emergency 24/7 Call Center

Client Emergency Service 24/7 Call Center

TechnoKontrol has a well managed and professional Client Emergency Call Center can receive calls from navy ships, ground troops, petrol-chemical corporations, government technical departments which can deal or assist with all types or technical queries or issues controlled from our call center. All of our staff have at least three (3) years experience and are all ITIL trained and certified.

Emergency 24/7 Call Center

TK Emergency Call Centre

TechnoKontrol Call Center has an online 24 hours, 365 days conference call center via internet or telephone which is used to assist and to control any of Technokontrol’s technologies or products in any global location.

Once the call center receives any call regarding any kind or type of issue regarding our products, servicing, repairing or maintenance we will try to assist online with all data required to assist in-situ such enquiry or assistance.

If the repair/maintenance would need to be done at our factory in Europe then the "spares" or "leased spares" if under guarantee will be sent via urgent courier and thus the client also sends the un-operational parts for repair, unit or product thus always allowing the client to be operational as long as possible with our unique Backup Repair System Program as using our "leased unit" until theirs is again repaired and returned for operational use.

TK Emergency Call Centre

Urgent courier for TK-Backup Repair System Program

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TechnoKontrol: 1st in Spain for own Technology patents 2013 & 2014

TechnoKontrol has been fully verified and certified by Bureau Veritas

  • ISO 9001 - ES108784-1
  • ISO 14001 - ES108782-1
  • ISO 45001 - ES108783-1
  • ISO 4126
  • ISO 28000
  • ISO 37000

NFPA-National Fire Protection Association


NFPA-Asociación Nacional de Protección contra el fuego


TechnoKontrol is a member of the NFPA

NFPA 69: Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems, 2016 Edition

Prevent deflagration explosions due to combustible dust particles, gases or vapors with NFPA 69. Combustible dust, gases and vapors produced in industrial settings can pose a significant safety hazard.NFPA 69: Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems offers definitive guidance on explosion protection and prevention systems.

ATEX - European Antiexplosive Safety Directives

Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations - United Kingdom/ATEX

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - UNECE - TechnoKontrol

The European Parliament and The Council

Technokontrol's Products & Services are insured by

Dossiers TK Group of Companies

TK-Global Engineering

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