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Eagle Eye VI
Bullion/Valuable Asset Aerial Carrier

Technokontrol Aerial Bank Precious Metal Bullion Transport

Technokontrol would like to present our "Aerial Security Bullion Carrier" a secure and financially viable option for the transport of bank bullion including the best technological surveillance and protection systems using our EAGLE EYE VI version which is a specially made one seater bullet proof/anti-explosion hydroplane which has the capacity to be able to carry up to 150 kg in weight in a secure vault inside the cockpit and storage sections with a low cost initial investment and more importantly low cost flying costs.

Eagle Eye VI - Precious Metal Bullion Transport

Eagle Aye VI - One seater bullet proof/anti-explosion hydroplane which has the capacity to be able to carry up to 150 kg in weight in a secure vault inside the cockpit and storage sections

This option firstly is extremely interesting due to the lower financial initial investment compared to other options as helicopters which is much higher but both have their positives and can be used also together, combined or independently in a "Security Bullion Carrying Programme" for any bank or financial/precious metal industry. Either options are extremely interesting even though the "Helicopter" option being able to land anywhere is far more expensive to maintain, repair, service, flying costs and the need or experienced and well qualified helicopter pilots and even the training or transfer training of types of helicopters to other types are extremely expensive.

TK Adapted Helicopter - Precious Metal Bullion Transport

The "Security-Bullion Helicopter Programme" always will depend on the quality, experience and amount of these helicopter pilots while the "Eagle Eye Programme" option allows the pilot to become a part of the whole procedure due to not needing specialist, high qualified, highly trained pilots and the easy and short term training programms will allow the financial institution/corporation to have many more pilots available to increase services or to maintain employment costs as not being as extremely qualified as helicopter pilots. The investment in a helicopter pilot is extremely expensive and the pilots which are trained normally through the armed services will wish to go into the private sector especially with the never ending growth of emerging countries where their richest nationals have their own private jets and helicopters will be their professional next step thus always being a limitation to helicopter pilots, maintenance personnel due to future demand.

The "Eagle Eye VI" can carry those 150 kg of weight and land in any country, pathway, river, stream, land or sea giving it a great advantage due to its flight range of 1,500 km without refueling. Other benefits are its simple maintenance, high technological but simple to maintain features, safety features and most importantly easy pilots training.

Eagle Eye VI - Precious Metal Bullion Transport

The Eagle Eye VI can carry 150 kg of weight and land in any country, pathway, river, stream, land or sea

The Eagle Eye VI Main features are:
  • TK-Anti explosion fuel tanks
  • TK-Anti-Slosh fuel tanks
  • Bullet proof undercarriage
  • Special bullion Carrier vault
  • Automatic flight pilot system
  • Thermal vision
  • Night vision
  • Daylight extreme vision systems
  • Inside cockpit "Black Box" recording technology to record and view the pilots actions during flight.
  • Hydroplane Emergency parachute technology.
  • Range:1,500 km
  • Low maintenance programme.
  • No private, military or commercial pilot’s license required.
  • No Hi-Tech maintenance engineering teams required.
  • Low radar detection
  • Low noise reduction technology
  • Top flight speed of 260 kmph- Stall flight sped of 70 kmph
  • Flight ceiling up to 3,000 meters
  • Fuel injection engine with 120 BHP
  • Less than 15 litres per flight hour in fuel consumption
  • Normal 95 octane gasoline used for any environment refueling.
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Use in other fields when not in use of bullion aerial transport as law enforcement.
  • Less than 200 meters landing/take off strip required.
Eagle Eye VI - Precious Metal Bullion Transport


In the event that any bank wishes to transport funds or valuables from one location to another we would recommend these two possible strategic "Aerial Transport Security Procedures” allowing the safe aerial transport. Each client may decide to change these possible procedures depending on their normal security procedures.


When a normal road truck bullion carrier is going to proceed to a location where danger could exist due to bad road conditions, weather, terrorism, sabotage, criminals or even intelligence advising of any of the before mentioned points which could conclude onto an attack on the truck bullion carrier a continuous pre-flight and total surveillance of the route can be carried out with aerial surveillance by the Eagle Eye VI.

The Eagle Eye VI can fly in front, side by side or behind the bullion truck at all times to pre-warn of any possible danger due to its cameras technologies or by continuously flying the route several miles ahead. The Hydroplane can have the two seater version with armed pilot and co-pilot if required.

Due to the Eagle Eye VI extreme low stall flight speed of 70kmph the hydroplane can basically when desired fly directly over the truck bullion carrier at nearly the same speed of the truck and with its high resolution and high intensity cameras technology can observe forward up to 2-5km during day vision and up to 1-2km night vision.

This same hydroplane will be able to be adapted easily from a surveillance mode to a bullion carrier by changing the co-pilots seat/section for a special portable/adaptable bullion carrier, hence, this EAGLE EYE VI unit can be used for both options, surveillance and bullion carrier. (One seater with bullion boult or two seater with out bullion boult)

Due to its extreme long range capacity the Eagle Eye VI can maintain its flying time up to 12 hours without refueling allowing the whole transport surveillance being extremely cost effective and not needing refueling possibly until returning to base thus allowing less risk of attack due to being all possible time airborne.

Eagle Eye VI - Precious Metal Bullion Transport

In the event of using the Eagle Eye VI for Bullion carrying the hydroplane will be only used for this activity and its bullion vault will be totally manufactured to be made as a fixed feature and non-removal thus making it an integral part of the aircraft design. This bullion carrier can be also used to be the “main bullion carrier” and another EAGLE EYE VI surveillance hydroplane (Wing Man) can fly side by side with this unit to offer superior visual intelligence and once landed the two seater version with armed pilots and co-pilots can then procede with the final stage of truck / helicopter bullion to transfer the bullion into the road bullion truck / helicopter.

Due to both hydroplanes being the same from the exterior no one will know which is carrying the bullion, or how much, and thus increasing safety and transport security especially with two armed pilots and co-pilot in total in these hydroplanes.

Any location can be used at the final stage of delivery so no intelligence leaks can be passed on to possible thieves or attackers and this will allowing that many of hundreds and thousands of kilometers can be travelled/transported daily by air.

The benefits of this "Double Security" is that both planes will protect each other, the possibility of shooting down one of these planes is extremely difficult due to their high or low ceiling capacity, high and low stall speeds. At an average flight cruising speed of 220 kph and ceiling height of 2,000 meters they aren´t nearly seen or heard. Once approaching the arranged landing zone a simple 200-300 metrs  country, river, lake landing area is enough to land and to do the final transfer into the bullion truck. This landing procedure can be done very close to the town, village, city and can have more police or law enforcement towards the final destination to the bank as the distance can be less than several kilometers and police presence can be extremely high thus visually making it a dire option for any thieves or terrorists to even consider.

Having these options you still have simple, cost effective and secure long aerial distance bullion carriers due to being able to even fly in more than two Eagle Eye VI aerial bullion carriers because even larger numbers can co-ordinate and land and take off in different locations in the same city with various and interchangeable delivery points spreading the risk to even less and having no road attacks between long or short distances where truck bank bullions are more vulnerable to being attacked.

Another option is to use the helicopter at the last stage of delivery instead of the truck bullion carrier so then the helicopter with much less range can land next to the hydroplane after their long range flight and transfer the funds into the helicopter and then directly fly into or on the bank roof or LZ for the final bullion delivery.

Eagle Eye VI - Precious Metal Bullion Transport 06%20EASA.psd


The bank/corporation whom wishes to operate using this aerial transport system should consider the following security procedures.

  • The bullion hydroplanes must be stored into a secure and well protected hanger where the funds will be transported into the loading area from the bank via truck bullion transport.
  • Each hydroplane will then have their bullion transferred into the vault of each hydroplane.
  • No pilot or co-pilot must see and have knowledge of what they are carrying at any time. (This securing secrecy and internal leaks)
  • Each Hydroplane is already ready, refueled, and done pre-flight checks so the pilots just take-off with their unit under a pre-planned flight plans.
  • Once in flight and at the last stage of the flight the receiving bank bullion team will know from several secure locations which location has been selected to meet the hydroplane for final aerial-land delivery transfer. If the town or city has an airfield, airport or even better secure hanger even the better and if not a designated delivery point only communicated at the final stage from the banks HQ to the truck / helicopter bullion commander so no intelligence leaks can occur during aerial transport.
  • Each Eagle Eye VI has its own tracking systems and "Black Box Technology" which will include internal cockpit cameras so the pilots know that they are being recorded at all times during the flight and delivery which will be totally recorded.
  • Once landed the two or more planes park and the truck / helicopter bullion team unload the vault contents into their bullion truck or helicopter vault final stage delivery procedure.
  • As the hydroplanes have long range capacity they can return to base or refuel if the distance is superior of 1,500 km at or with any petrol station, portable fuel tanker or base as fuel used is normal gasoline 95 octane.
  • Landing on rivers, lakes, deserts, country, pathways or even at sea can reduce the risk of an attack due to having a large wide range of different landing options, any type of landing locations, at any time and at any place.
  • This other alternative way to use the helicopter would be it flying only at the final stage reducing fuel, maintenace costs and not needing to refuel on long distances which would reduce security as they would have to be in a refuelling area/position several minutes which could be easliy attacked.
  • The longer airborne the aircraft the safer but also using a well protected truck bullion carrier could solve this same issue much less expensively than using helicopters.
  • Helicopters don’t have emergency parachute systems for emergency landings and the ratio of helicopters crashes are 3:1 againts fixed wing aeroplanes accident/crashes.
  • Very few helicopters have "anywhere" landing capacity and even less for river, sea or marsh landings zones (LZ)due to them mostly being heavy and needing secure terrain to land and to refuel. Helicopters have some limitations but aslo some great advantages especially for urban and city use but a combined use of Eagle Eyes and helicopters use could be a good long term mixed technological & logistical security bullion transport system.
Eagle Eye VI - Precious Metal Bullion Transport


Both options are extremely viable for these kinds of operations. Technokontrol doesn´t build helicopters but can do the transformation of any helicopter used or new to make it an “Ariel Safety-Security Bullion Carrier”. We will use our Technokontrol Bullet proof undercarriage technology, anti-explosion fuel tanks, anti-slosh fuel tanks and in all modern day helicopters their flying technology is very advanced. Technokontrol will install day / night / thermal cameras systems and will do complete back seat section bank bullion vault transformation to secure the transport.

TK Adapted Helicopter - Precious Metal Bullion Transport

Helicopters have much less flying range approx. 400km a third of the Eagle Eye option, speed is normally approx. 260kmph very similar to the Eagle Eye and its fuel consumption is 6 to 7 (60-70 liters per hours) times more and needs jet fuel which again is more expensive than normal gasoline and harder to find in extreme locations due to its limited operational use. Maintenance and repairs are extremely expensive and the normal ratio is 1 hour servicing to one hour in flight. This without taking into account the pilots training, qualifications, experience and maintenance teams which all have to be extremely well experienced and have a wide back ground on several types of models and versions due to their continual modernization and needing upgrading courses for maintenance programms.

The real benefit of the helicopter is that it can land on anywhere secure, landing pad, ELZ, LZ, platforms, on top of the bank roof if the roof has been suitably prepared for the weight. The helicopter back seats section will be removed and a special light weight security vault will be placed which will carry 350-500 kg of load with also two pilots.

TK Adapted Helicopter - Precious Metal Bullion Transport

These two options are extremely viable for the same activity of "Aerial Security Bullion Carriers", the best option would to have both and use and adapt to the needs of that moment in time and use either helicopter or the Eagle Eye VI. If we are going for simple financials and operational use the Eagle Eye VI is more adaptable, less expensive and less aeronautical professionals are required to maintain a long term programme. If however, you wish to carry more bullion in shorter ranges and the financials aren’t a real issue and needing to land on top of the bank, or next to it, on the same street it’s obvious that the helicopter has a much better advantage.

Either way or either option, Technokontrol can adapt its technologies to the helicopter version new or second hand and also offer an exclusive Eagle Eye VI "Aerial Security Bullion Transport Programme".

TK Adapted Helicopter - Precious Metal Bullion Transport

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