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Eye of Osiris Project - Security Bunker Version

Global Emergency National Security Food Production Plants


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Seeding Plant R&D

Eye of Osiris


Aerial View




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First Stages

Eye of Osiris


Local Light Trains

Local Freight Trains

Full Communications

Eye of Osiris Technical Designs

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Top View

Side View

Solar Panels Ceiling


Bunker Level

Bunker Centre

The Eye of Osiris Project is a mixture of high food technological production, with twenty first century technology, know how, research and investigation all mixed into the creation of the largest Emergency-National Security Food Production Plant in the World.


How many times have we all wondered what would happen to our families, friends and society in general if for whatever reason there was a real food and water shortage? How could we feed ourselves? With what, how, where and for how long?

These questions are asked everyday by many of the top scientists, politicians, military and even the security agencies of our modern day societies. What would be the alternatives, Anarchy? Riots? Looting? Sabotage? Terrorism? War?

These random but probable and realistic disasters which can destroy our society in days or weeks have to be anticipated and we cannot allow ourselves the luxury for others to plan for our safety and well being as these “saviors” could also find themselves in the same disastrous situation as ourselves.

This is why our corporation, which is naturally commercially driven but also socially and morally, has also the need and the obligation to anticipate these issues from the moment that we know that they exist.

This is why the Eye of Osiris™ has been developed, patented, hence as to create a corporate mixture of commercial, security, safety and emergency principles and ecologically driven production all the time with an eye on providing the world with a future "Humanitarian-Social-Security-Safety-Emergency Insurance Policy".

How it is done?

The land extension required will depend on the used or required "version" but as a minimum requirement the project would need a minimum of 100,000-500,000 meters to two (2+)-five (5+) million square meters with access to rail freight / air cargo facilities and the appropriate access in order to transport both goods and livestock.

Hydroponic Green House Production Sections:

The internal sectors of the “Eye of Osiris” are designed to be able to produce any food, any plant, herb, animal, fish, insect, reptile as desired by the operator depending on a nations needs, customs and estimated emergency needs in the event of requiring “shut down” in an emergency scenario.

We have been able to design the project in such a way that each section can be acclimatized individually including humidity, heat, climate control, total exterior plant/food protection due to weather changes, incidents, natural disasters, thus protecting all crops, production and also being able to increase, decrease, pause, any and all production in each and every scenario.

The hydroponic green house sections and buildings have a roofing area of between 100,000-500,000metres to several million square meters of solar panels covering all sides of the building, wind turbines, diesel non-contaminating exhaust backup engines and bio-digesters whom will serve & function by using all food waste, animal waste and even recycling inorganic waste as tires, rubber, inorganic waste, without contamination.

Food Production, Transformation and Packaging

The “Eye of Osiris plant” not only can produce fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, fish, reptiles, insects, pharmacy-medical plants-flowers, meats, dairy products but also has the capacity to transform such products into other products.

These can be used for wholesale or for internal national consumption as being able to feed state controlled authorities as hospitals, schools, military, universities, national emergencies, low income persons including canning, freezing, dehydrating, etc.

Thus allowing the foods to have a full cycle use, no waste, and most importantly extremely long shelf life for emergency food-survival-military requirements and also not forgetting natural disasters, civil unrest, terrorism acts, war, etc.

Others Types of Waste Management/Inorganic Recycling/TK-Meteor 6000

Others types of waste even inorganic products as tires, rubbers, plastics are used via our “TK-Meteor 6000 Recycling Power Generating Plants” to recycle this contaminating products without any external CO-CO2 carbon emissions-contamination and being able to re-use, recycle these products into crude oil, carbon, steel and even refining from crude oil into diesel fuel.

The bio-digesters recycling plants produce methane gas to power the “Eye of Osiris” as much as possible and thus making the whole project a eco-friendly food producing and manufacturing plant.

All the exotic fruits, pharmacy-medical products which are normally imported from long distances into the respective countries would hold production priority in order to reduce both travel contamination and transport prices as these products normally have a higher production and transport cost.

Depending on each “Eye of Osiris” final installation-location some products, foods, will become “exotic” due to their location as depending where the “Eye of Osiris” is installed as in the arctic region, deserts, jungles, city centers, these food products grown will increase the savings due to not needing foreign imports and gaining full food national independence, security and national safety in this national strategic sector as food production.

Pharmacy-Medical Herbs, Spices, Roots, Insects, Reptiles

Are also paramount for the long term production, R&D into new medicines and also to mass produce anti-viral, bio-chemical medicines during an period but especially in an emergency period without imports and alternative medicine production or R&D.

Flowers normally imported from Egypt, Colombia or Kenya would also be produced on the same principles.

Solutions Against ALL Types of Internal or/and External Threats

We have the technical capacity and know how to protect our buildings at under-ground level with protection against natural disasters including “solar radiation/solar heat waves”, to military or terrorist “EMPS Pulse” attacks. (Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks) using the basement sectors as underground security and safety bunkers for any use and even having an underground “Eye of Osiris” 100 % independent from the top sector to be able to continue to produce food, seeds, products in any case scenario and thus feeding the general population , government, military or State.

Physical, Sabotage, Terrorist, Military Attack on the “Eye of Osiris Bunker”

In the event of any level of attack to the “EYE OF OSIRIS” via land, sea or by air depending on the strategic nation importance of these plants they are prepared to be defended at all levels, from private security, law enforcement and to the highest military levels by means of anti-missile systems, ground troops, and especially once the “Bunker” has been “closed-shut down.”

Thus being able to train, maintain, feed and have at disposal thousands of troops for an external contra-attack or to withstand attacks and thus protecting production for internal and external usage, distribution and logistics once the risk have be cancelled from other external forces.

Lack of Fuels, Energy, Food, Water, Waste Management, Distribution, Logistics in the Event of an Emergency Scenario

Power/Energy-.The Eye of Osiris™ Project, animal farming, manufacturing, waste economics, digester plants, biomass plants, natural gas plants, solar, wind and recycling inorganic power plants will all be introduced as to combine all the energy production into one auto-recyclable unit.

Water/Liquids Human Usage

The Eye of Osiris™ Project has its own water supply, water may be obtained for underground wells, air-water condensation, liquids form waste management technologies, juices, liquids from fruit & vegetable production.

Waste Management

The same will apply to the use of animal waste phosphates to cultivate presently low quality soil and thus maximize the use of all the possible land available to us in order to become extremely recyclable and efficient all year round, internally or externally regardless of any present or future climate changes.

Animal Feeding

Using recycled foods from the “Flora Sections” of the Eye of Osiris, third rate products due to their commercial image(not quality) or left over leaves, skins, pulp, as from the “papaya trees”, which we know can make a milk producing animal like cows, goats, to produce up to 20%-30% more milk and with an average of 25%-50% less animal sickness, infections, medicines also due to the great beneficial medical benefits of these anti-cancer fruits, their leaves and fruit skins which we would normal destroy but in the case becomes free feeding produce for our “animal sections” in the “Eye of Osiris”.

The animal waste and slaughter waste from these “animals” again is re-used to produce methane gas via gas digesters and then used to power the plant or assist the general gas power supply of the “Eye of Osiris” to maintain constant humidity, climate controls in each and every section of the project.

Technical Information

General Data
  • Total length: 5,000 meters. (Depending on designs).
  • Length to the Eye Section: 2,250 meters. (Depending on designs).
  • Eye Section width: 500 meters. (Depending on designs).
  • Eye section height: 36 meters. (Depending on designs).
  • Average width: 450 meters. (Depending on designs).
  • Total floors: 6. (Above ground 2, underground 4). (Depending on designs).
  • Height per floor at ground level: 1+2 /12+ meters (Total 24-48 meters).
  • Height per floor underground level: 8+ meters (Total 32-50 meters).
  • The whole structure will be externally covered by solar panels.
  • The interior will be lightened by artificial lighting especially designed for max. growth yields.
  • Interior of building will also be covered by high intensity solar panels to create a recyclable energy producing system. (Mirror-Reflex technology)
  • All roofing will be prepared to re-conduct all rain fall into sub-level water filtering deposits to be recycled and used in the project.
  • The whole structure will be built on a higher level to prevent flooding and which all exterior of the project will have mass water-collecting systems at ground level.
  • Electromagnetic fields are used to increase food growth depending on which products.
  • Heating and cooling systems for the hydroponic greenhouses will be biogas gas turbines, which can be connected to solar, bio-diesel, digester, wind turbine, power energy, inorganic recycling plants.
  • Law Enforcement Security Systems and technologies
  • Military “bunkerized” food production emergency plants.

Level description

Levels 1, 2, 3(-1) & 4(-2)
Above Ground levels: High yield hydro phonic plantations with full automatic Ted watering, feeding and pest free growing production. Levels -1 & -2 High yield hydro phonic plantations as the above. At these levels their will be an independent connecting procedure to which in the event of a natural disaster, Levels 1 & 2 were to be destroyed or non-operational, these two levels -1 & -2 could maintain full production capacity and development.
Levels -3 & -4
Underground-bunker levels: These two floors only connected also to the two above would be used as a food storage depot including full water deposits, air and water filtering systems, water pumping station, energy plant based on battery section, solar power form above plants and bio-gas plant.

Alternative emergency power plants are built to produce sufficient energy for one-year+ if required due to complete exterior power shut down.

Bunker Staff Housing

One to five thousand plus people can remain inside and maintain the project production including government authorities, military staff, engineers, catering, medical staff, security, educational, bio-engineers, chemical engineers, architects, mechanics, builders, etc, to which a new exterior plant could be made operational once the exterior threat can be cancelled or nullified.

External Staff Housing

Seeds/Equipment Stock

We have a large stock of all required seeds and seedlings to begin exterior production and the capacity to create our own seedling plants if required and also to maintain internal food reproduction and continuous food production.

Full storage of all equipment and materials to assist soil changes and irrigation systems to adapt to new possible exterior environment.

Motor vehicles, generators, power plants

Will be stored in two categories.

Category 1: Modern day high yielding machinery with all the technological advances in our normal day activities using bio-fuel, gas, electricity with hardened anti-electromagnetic technology.

Category 2: Pre-electronic operated engine in which in case of an electronic exterior fall out our full machinery capacity will be operational as not having modern day electronic thus not being affected by EMPS or solar, thermal out of space radiation emissions.

Medical Quarters

ER, OT, and ICU will be operational including quarantine and sterilization areas for virus related illnesses.

All modern day medical services will be included from laboratories, X-Ray and Scanners.

Exercise gyms and recuperation units are included for long term “bunker life”.

Security Force Units

Will be in house to maintain the exterior interior levels under normal management control. In the event of any criminal, terrorist threat or act there will be allocated security cells to prevent any further criminal activities only in the event of “Shut Down” will these emergency regulations be taken into full effect.

Eye Section Data-Command Centre

The “Eye Section-Command Centre” is where the operating of the whole plant will be managed. Inside this section, we will have the corporate Head Quarters.

Our full computer and technology systems will be based in this section in which we have full control of all the exterior estate from entrances of deliveries to air cargo exports.

Cyber Security

All the “EYE OF OSIRIS PROJECT” will not have external computer links to the exterior. All information technology will be created and not connected to any external or internal mainframe system.

This will prevent any “hackers or cyber crime”, criminal activities to have access to the operational or internal system. External links will exist but with complete independent resources and only on a commercial and information level.

Where reliability, quality, security and productivity become a reality!

Eye of Osiris Project - Military Bunker Version

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