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TechnoKontrol Anti-Blast Mobile Protection Shields & Barriers



Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

During many decades most Military, Armed, Civil Protection Agencies have required the use of protection barriers and protection shields which have mostly been covered by the use of the very primitive “sand bag solution” which in many scenarios can be an option due to cost, nil or low risk areas-deployment, easy access to engineering -installation equipment for their use, filling, deployment, however, in many new scenarios time is of the essence and these basic safety solutions have to be upgraded to higher levels of efficiency, time saving, low engineering requirements as with the use of our new global safety & security technology known as the “Mobile Protection Barrier & Shield Technology” patented by Technokontrol R&D globally.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

The old “sand bag system” having the benefit of low cost but extremely expensive in man –labor hours with also the great disadvantage as needing to being installed via the use of heavy lifting machinery especially with the possible need to adapt, expand, reduce future installations thus depending again on qualified heavy machinery operators, fuel, logistics for the machinery and most importantly these sand bags being transported to the location which again requires transport & logistics to the designated base, camp, hospital, security outpost, just as our own alternative thus requiring the same transport costs.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier


After an in depth study in present safety & security shield systems and many high ranking military enquires to find a solution, alternative, viable options we have designed an extremely logical and pragmatic protection technology in which one can decide from a basic technology solution to an extremely sophisticated technology but all being easy in deployment, re-usability, easy transport, easy storage and most importantly no heavy machinery, fuel, qualified machine operators required as our alternative can be transported by hand between several members of staff or using a trolley, wheel-pulley system if required.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Due to having studied many warfare related documents we have found that the “sand bag” option is extremely basic and the need of a much more advanced technology being paramount especially when one is trying to protect is members of staff, employees, assets, etc.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

The Technokontrol “Anti-Blast Mobile Protection Shield & Barrier” having their name difference in the size of the final design thus the “Shields” being a more personalized size while the “Barrier” being a more asset protection size, both having heights of up to 2,40 meters as to fit into an ISO standard container transport system.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

The technology introduced into these defensive, security, safety barriers & shields being of XXI century and allowing any base, camp, outpost to have less present personnel as being able in being manned via satellite, GPS, GMS and from any global location thus obtain the benefits of lower personnel deployed and being fully operational with low level man power to do basic maintenance and only re-arming, munitions loading if and when required.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier


Each barrier/shield has the great benefit of being installed, deployed in minutes thus only needing the opening of the “holding section” on the back-reverse of the shield which should normally be inclined at a 20º angle, thus to deflect incoming projectiles, objects and in extreme climatologically condition to allow sand, dust, snow, rain to blow upwards and not increasing or creating structural stress on the barrier.

Anti-Blast Barrier
Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Strong-heavy duty barrier structure

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Viewfinders for camera & defensive equipment

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Second level

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Camouflaged retractable screen

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Unfolded screen

The shields & barriers have an open selection of widths, lengths, weight, levels of protection and their composition are based on the risk factor, weight, dimensions, thickness, weather conditions, etc. In many cases we use anti-bullet textiles for the ballistic, shrapnel defensive sections of the shields & barriers and also having incorporated anti-thermal, heat panels to withstand heat, fire, blow torch, flame thrower attacks but incorporating another of Technokontrol safety & security fire-heat protection panels which withstand over 240 minutes of direct heat blast of over 1200ºC thus creating an extremely well protected shield/barrier.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

The external covering of the shield/barrier which normally is of several millimeters or centimeters of reinforced steel for projectile rebound, penetration reduction, projectile-object speed reduction and with a covering of a specialist chemical anti-adhesive paint to stop physical attempts for climbing upwards on to the barriers.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Stand-by Shield

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Shield active & ready for defensive operation

We also cover the external part of the barrier/shield with a material which protects the shields/barriers against corrosion, oxidation, electrical magnetisms but also to create a cover as a “Teflon “ based chemical which will also stop the physical possibility of an intruder trying to crawl up the barrier face even though this would be extremely complex due to a number of protection, detection, armament security systems incorporated in the barrier systems.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Protective layers view

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Protective layers detail

This anti-adhesive chemical-material also reduces molecular, climatological adhesion such as dust, sand, rain, flying objects, debris and to which are easily blown away and above naturally from the barriers.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Each barrier section can be annexed to another barrier section even in an curve mode which will allow the design of any barrier into curve, round, rectangle, square shapes, designs, thus having curved sections available. The shield/barrier sections having also the great benefit of having its own and individual “shock absorbing” system.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Thus if one section of the barrier being attacked the rest becoming independent and thus only the attacked barrier absorbing and reducing stress levels thus protecting the structural integrality of the other annexed sections thus reducing the level of damage, damage and possible structural breaking between barrier sections.

Anti-Blast Shield Deployment
Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Shield with unfolded camouflaged screen

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Retracting camouflaged screen

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Shield unfolding for operation

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Opening viewfinders for observation & defense


The barriers have designed into its own design detection technologies as long distance audio-visual cameras which have the technology for infra-red, night vision, thermal, bad weather detection and most importantly tracking systems.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

The obtained data can be processed manually in situ or can be transmitted and operated anyway on the planet as using similar to drone satellite technology for its remote-long distance usability.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

The technology which can be installed with the audio-vision systems are also atmospheric detection systems which will enable the immediate detection of chemical, bacteriological nuclear contamination and which due to the design of the barrier system can be operated, manned even without personnel thus any kind of detection, risk as before mentioned not being sufficient for a base, camp, logistical site “emergency lock down” or “emergency re-deployment” under and for any reason and thus not putting at risk the possible loss of a base, camp, installation if the present personnel aren´t fully equipped or having sufficient defensive means in the event of this kind of attack.


Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Due to the barriers being able to being deployed, used, installed in a provisional, mobile, fixed manner and in many different kinds of scenarios, a defensive-protection system can be installed, adapted, upgraded as when required by the user. In the case of a civil use against civil unrest, rioting, criminal attacks the use of a defensive-protective technology can be via the use, launching of riot control gases, plastic, rubber bullets, sound blasting systems, water cannons, etc.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

In the event of a military, anti-terrorist scenario the use of armed systems is paramount and to which a great portfolio of armament can be used from long range sniper 0.50 caliber rifles, Gatling Machines Guns to multi-role grenade-rocket launchers. Combination of all the above armament platforms are viable and being used, incorporated depending on its location, range, type and level of risk.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Once the camera-audio visual, long range detection systems have detected an incoming person at a long range the operator at the base or via satellite can designate the risk factor and thus activate an automatic defensive system in which any intrusion will be dealt with according to the pre-set risk evaluation system.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

This risk evaluation system can be also upgraded, operated via remote thus again reducing the human presence in each base, installation and only requiring personal for the reloading of munitions and any low level damage repairs, maintenance which may be required in the event of any level of attack.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier


The design of this unique barrier/shield has also taken into consideration the more than normal lack of easy available energy-power supplies as the norm and thus being designed in being fully operational with power from the normal base power supply chain as from diesel, fossil, electrical, fuel generators which is the norm in most military, logistical bases, camps, strategic installations.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

However , as we believe that in many scenarios a fossil based fully equipped power supply isn´t viable thus needing an alternative, self sufficient energy-power supply thus allowing the use of the barriers/shields electronics, telecommunication, defensive systems regardless of the power supply and becoming a totally independent operational defensive system.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

We have been able to design and incorporate into the design of the barrier several alternative power sources thus using air from the incorporated air-flow ventilation systems, reduced wind stress design which are located in the barrier to allow any air-wind flow through pass through the barrier and thus using this passing air in creating electrical power to generate sufficient power for the normal automated barrier system operations.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Due to never only depending on once source of energy creation, supply, transformation we have also incorporated at the top, back part of the barrier solar panels to also assist the “air flow energy generation system” and also as there is a protection covering blanket at the back of the barrier to reduce any filtering of light, shadows which could be visible from the frontal part of the barrier (enemy vision)and with also its use for the reduction of dirt, dust, climatologically damage of the barrier and its electronics, mechanical systems it has also a solar power flexible covering which again assists the other two power generating systems to create alternative ecological power supplies never depending only on one system and especially on fuel based energy supplies.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier


At Technokontrol we believe in unique, individual, custom made technologies thus always being open to advise, assist, design any client to produce their own individual safety & security products depending on their own experience, know how, requirements , limitations, thus always reaching for the most suitable, cost effective final product and then being able to combine any of our technologies, systems, designs, patents into new individual products, systems, technologies and thus creating each clients own individual solution to their own problems, issues, requirements or needs at any level.

BARRIER /SHIELD PROTECTION-DETECTION TECHNOLOGIES CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear)/ NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) DETECTION SYSTEMS.

The” Barrier/Shield” design and technologies also may include manual, automatic, remote, Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense Detection Systems which will detect and communicate these detected agents directly or via GPS, GMS, Satellite to the Command Centre(CC) thus allowing immediate action taken by the base personnel and making effective any contra attack planning and protection programs.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

The installation of these detection technologies inside the “Barrier/Shield” protection-detection systems with their own automated, independent power supply, unique sensors and telecommunication systems allowing continues, minute by minute data transfer from any front line out post(OP), operational base (OB), Emergency landing zone(ELZ), Landing Zone(LZ)to the Control Centre from the “Barrier/Shield” to evaluate the risk scenario without having large numbers of personnel in situ, at risk and also reducing not only the exposure but also the physical & psychological conditions of any personnel in using, wearing, equipping themselves with the corresponding protection suits, equipment and decontamination systems required for these possible scenarios.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

The “Barrier/Shield” not only having already installed long range vision, audio, night vision, infra-red, thermal, bad weather imaginary, movement, vibration, tracking & armament systems, sound detection technologies, but also having these CBRN detection systems incorporated which will detect Nuclear (ionising radiation such as alpha or beta particles, gamma rays or neutrons), Radiological (dirty bomb/salted bomb, which are not true nuclear weapons and do not yield the same explosive power, they use conventional explosives to spread radioactive material, most commonly the spent fuels from nuclear power plants or radioactive medical waste), Chemical(Chlorine, Diphosgene, Phosgene, Chloropicrin, Hydrogen cyanide, Cyanogen chloride, VX, Cyclosarin, Sarin, Soman, Tabun, Nitrogen Mustard, Sulfur Mustard (Yperite), Lewisite, Phosgene oxime) and Bacteriological agents-toxins or infectious agents ( Entomological (insect) warfare, bacteria, viruses, and fungis, etc ).

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

These immediate detection, data analyzing and transfer systems being paramount in any high risk region and also preparing for any worst case scenarios even with the immediate evacuation of the personnel or base, camp, outpost, etc.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

As these “Barriers/Shields” can be operated remotely the personnel emergency evacuation plan not meaning the loss of the base, logistical installation, camp as these barriers are fully operational, self sufficient and as already stated fully operational remotely thus being thousands of miles away and having the full data input from vision, sound, detection systems and most importantly having sufficient armament power to stop long, medium, short distance attacks as the base can be designed and having deployed these “Barriers/Shields” in such defensive positions which will allow the corresponding armament systems to operate fully up to 2km-4km mainly as the use of long range 0.20/0.50 sniper caliber rifles with the combination of medium-long range armament platforms as Grenade launchers with a short-medium range machine gun/attack rifle platform or Gatling Gun will assure any penetrated stopping of persons or vehicles thus having all the territory covered, protected and only needing reloading manually of munitions when running out.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

Once detected the low level of the munitions of the armament systems in each sector, barrier, shield they can be reloaded by a minimum number of base personnel or even by the strategic deployment-redeployment introduction-extraction by air of personnel during short periods of time for such reloading and required maintenance but all depending on the amount of munitions set up before a full base, camp, outpost emergency evacuation. Having a well designed interconnected armament” barrier/shield” system will allow the low usage of munitions and working sections in a defensive positioning thus only using the minimum amount and balancing the sections munitions levels, use, consumption to have an overall balanced munitions usage and not over exposing one/several sections too much as using other sections to cover this/these sections in the event of a multi-front attack thus recommending the use of several “Barriers/Shields” in different locations, sections, ranges, angles, etc.

Anti Blast Shield-Barrier

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