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Products overview

Anti-Explosion Systems

Our Techno Kontrol Alloy Systems product line (i.e. tanks, walls, doors, panels and clothing) has been tested on both qualified experts and/or their vehicles by simulating thermo heat, blasts and explosive devices.


Alloy Material Systems

Techno Kontrol Alloy Material System is a unique non-combustible material consisting of a specially designed metal alloy mesh mechanically produced via a patented three dimensional production system.


Gas Cylinders & Gas Bottles

Over the years, the Techno Kontrol team has invested heavily into R&D so as to deliver products that are both long lasting and safety orientated. One such product offers a new design in the manufacturing of gas cylinders/bottles.


Petroleum Industry

In an industry which is ever changing we at Techno Kontrol pride ourselves on bringing to the market place new and evolutionary products in which increase the safety and efficiency that the worlds fuels/gases/chemicals are delivered.

Petroleum Valve

We have had our R&D department create and patent our very own fuel valve system (FVS), which may even contradict many physical principles but after many years of research and development we can not only prove its viability.


Jumbo Tank System

Our Techno Kontrol Deposit Roof-Ceiling Systems offers the possibility not only to reduce exposure to dangerous operational situations but also has the beneficial effect of being financially rewarding for any size of operator.



It is common knowledge that all types of pipelines carry a high risk of igniting the transported gas media and as this gas media (once ignited) transports the flames via a domino effect.


Construction Industry

Wall-Ceiling Systems

Our Wall system is built around a steel-faced composite panel with a non-combustible mineral fibre core. This is ideally suited for the construction of non-load bearing walls and offers an "any climate" dry installation.


Board Panels

As with all of our Techno Kontrol products, our Techno-Kontrol Fire Resistant Boards are manufactured and tested by independent and nationally approved laboratories.


Duct System

All of our Techno Kontrol Duct Systems have a specially patented metal alloy wall model which is in place so as to provide an unmatched space-saving, impact resistance and a maintenance free design.


Collar System

The Techno Kontrol Collar System is the latest generation of retrofit fire collars designed so as to protect plastic pipes from penetrating fire rated elements of a buildings construction.


Transportation Industry

In an industry where there are more & more accidents & attacks occurring every year, we at Techno Kontrol believe that it is vital that we keep working so as to improve the quality of the products used within the Transportation Industry.

Aviation Industry

Since 1960 there have been over 18 aeroplanes which have been damaged or destroyed by fuel tank explosions. We at Techno Kontrol believe that it is vital that we keep working so as to improve the quality of the products used within the Aviation Industry.

Maritime Industry

At present via our R&D department we are constructing a special material which will enable us to build a boat/ship or tanker which is both explosive and fire proof.

Military & Security

At present we are providing many military & defence departments such as the US Air force along with many others.


Safety Products System

Eco-Energy Power Plants

TK Aviation

Environmental Industries


Petroleum Industry

Industrial Projects

Maritime Industry

Military Vehicles

Transportation & Auto

Construction Industry

Global Food Industry

Electronic Safety Systems

Housing Projects

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What is B.L.E.V.E. explosion?

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TechnoKontrol: 1st in Spain for own Technology patents 2013 & 2014

TechnoKontrol has been fully verified and certified by Bureau Veritas

  • ISO 9001 - ES108784-1
  • ISO 14001 - ES108782-1
  • ISO 45001 - ES108783-1
  • ISO 4126
  • ISO 28000
  • ISO 37000

NFPA-National Fire Protection Association


NFPA-Asociación Nacional de Protección contra el fuego


TechnoKontrol is a member of the NFPA

NFPA 69: Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems, 2016 Edition

Prevent deflagration explosions due to combustible dust particles, gases or vapors with NFPA 69. Combustible dust, gases and vapors produced in industrial settings can pose a significant safety hazard.NFPA 69: Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems offers definitive guidance on explosion protection and prevention systems.

ATEX - European Antiexplosive Safety Directives

Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations - United Kingdom/ATEX

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - UNECE - TechnoKontrol

The European Parliament and The Council

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Dossiers TK Group of Companies

TK-Global Engineering - Where efficiency and reliability become a reality

BP World Report

Static Electricity Dangers and Protection

US Department of Transport

USA Chemical Safety Board

An independent federal agency investigating chemical accidents to protect workers, the public, and the environment.

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